For the 1st time after 16 years of existence, the prestigious event has chosen a specific theme for this week dedicated to fashion in Dakar.

“My Africa” is for Adama Ndiaye, designer behind the all event, a fundamental theme with an aim to give back to Africa a voice and a status that is more personal and unique that the image usually shared of the continent.

The idea would be to give the possibility to each guest of the DKRFW to share their opinion about their Africa.
Too often reduce to one image, or even one country, Africa is actually a continent full of diversity and creativity, as much in its cultures as in its people.

The purpose behind “My Africa” is to break the stereotypes about the continent and diffuse a more realistic and authentic image of Africa, made by African, for African.
This theme then wants to be in the centre of all debates and activity of the event.

“My Africa” has a mission to bring the opportunity to the people present at the DKRFW 2018 to be able to brag in their way about different aspects of their Africa. How it inspires them in their arts and creations.
In that way, designers, artists and famous people of the fashion scene coming from all over Africa and its diaspora will be able to express themselves about the continent, their cultures and their strength!

Through this initiative, the real goal is to motivate and encourage the youth of the continent to dream about an Africa told by Africans and give them the passion to create and invest their knowledge in the continent it self!



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