Yvonne Jewnell New York

The American brand influenced by African and black culture will be for the 1st time part of the very selective list of designers of the Dakar Fashion Week 2018.

"As a company we strive to create a market that celebrates the culture of women from around the world." Is the mantra of the brand. Promoting the diversity of cultures and with many messages of empowerment and strength, the two designers at the head of the brand are looking to celebrate women from all over the world and from all colours.

It is with unexpected silhouets and fun associations of colourful print that Yvonne Jewnell New York signs each of their pieces.

It’s a funky and full of attitude fashion show that we can imagine from the US brand for this week dedicated to fashion!


Thula Sindi

South African designer, Thula Sindi is also a new arrival to the Dakar Fashion week of this year!

« Modern, Sophisticated, Simplicity » are the main theme of the brand.
It positions itself between a high fashion and a ready-to-wear designer wear, all in keeping a high quality of products.

It is a fashion show full of class and sophistication that the brand is about to give us for the DKRFW 2018!



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