Rihanna unveils its line of make-up Fenty Beauty

This weekend Rihanna unveiled the exclusive shots of her beauty brand named "Fenty Beauty". After the crazy success engendered by the Fenty Baskets, it returns the cover, but this time in another area: cosmetics. To do this, the superstar has appealed to the mannequins of all skin tones. In the teasers published on his account Instagram one sees appearing Halima Aiden, Slick Woods, Duckie, Selena Forrest, Paloma.
Fenty Beauty is a clever cultural mix for the pure happiness of all women. The products of the Princess of Barbados are designed for all women.
The various videos posted by the singer account for more than 10 million views to date on Instagram. It continues the spread of teasers. The last publication on his account is one week old!



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