Let's awake our child soul with the new Chubby sticks collection. Created by the partnership between Clinique and Crayola this limited edition is playful and young. Clinic and the markers brand of Crayola have decided to associate the time of a collection of 10 Chubby Sticks.
Who could have imagined that a brand of markers would one day have a cosmetic collection? This is yet the challenge that Crayola has launched thanks to its partnership with a giant cosmetic industry Clinic. The two brands have just taken the step by launching a beauty alien: a new range of lip balms called Chubby Sticks.

The collection, made up of 10 colors close to those of Crayola markers, is currently only available on the Clinique US site. The brand also offers sets of 8 or 4 Chubby Sticks in a packaging similar to that of Crayola markers. A throwback to childhood guaranteed!



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